Resort 2017 T-shirt by Gucci

Resort 2017 T-shirt by GucciT-shit from Resort 2017 most wanted t-shirt of the moment

Right when we were ready to wave 2016 goodbye, here comes a last-minute obsession, an overwhelming passion that seems to be taking care of the virtual world – and our hearts: a white cotton t-shirt that turned the Look 49 from the Gucci Resort 2017 collection in one of the most wanted in the fashion planet. Continue Reading

4 last minute Christmas gifts everyone will love


If you don’t have all your Christmas presents yet, this post is for you

Christmas is a time of joy and union, but all hells breaks loose if someone forgets to buy Christmas gifts. Sometimes it is just lazyness, other times you really don’t have the time. In any case, we leave you with five last minutes gifts everyone is sure to love. Some might involve some DIY work, but all these are simple ideas. Continue Reading