42310 Anti-Theft Classic Backpack by Travelon

Travelon anti-theft backpack

For those who desire to travel in a safer way, preventing thefts

How many times have we heard of stealing from pickpockets on trips? Being a tourist often means walking with a backpack, making life easier for thieves.

I myself have been the victim of a robbery. But I finally found a solution that pleased me, courtesy of Travelon. Founded as a domestic manufacturer of luggage carts more than 30 years ago, Travelon began its activity as a domestic luggage carts manufacturer more than 20 years ago. Nowadays, it is an industry leader in travel products and accessories. The brand is especially popular for their anti-theft products.

Travelon anti-theft backpack

A friend of mine recommended the Classic anti-theft backpack by Travelon and I couldn’t be more pleased. The backpack features the incredible safety features and it is not expensive.

In terms of Design, the backpack looks like a daypack. It looks smaller than I thought but I was genuinely impressed with the amount of room it has. This anti-theft backpack features a main compartment, an organizer pocket out front, and two side pockets. On one side, there’s a vertical zipper.

In the main compartment, you can easily fit an iPad, with a pocket designed for tablets. Inside, there is an organizer compartment with specific pockets for cards, pens, smartphone, among others. The card and passport slots in the organizer are RFID protected. You can put your credit cards here without the fear of electronic theft.

Travelon anti-theft backpack

The entire body of the Travelon backpack is lined with slash-resistant steel mesh. It also includes locking compartments and straps inside to hold on to your belongings. This awesome backpack is also water-resistant and very lightweight.

It comes in 4 colours, so you can choose our favourite. I took this backpack in my latest holidays abroad and I loved how practical it was and how safe I felt!

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