5 Design Awards you need to submit your work to

If you are a designer, this article is for you

There are thousands of design contests and awards worldwide. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming and difficult for designers to keep track of the different prizes and choose whom to apply for.

In this article, we compile those we consider to be the best design contests in the world. Some are very well known, such as the Red Dot, others less, and expanding, like the Blackberries.

Red Dot Design Awards

First of all, the Red Dot Design Award. It exists since 1950 and is one of the most known and prestigious design awards worldwide. The Red Dot Award accepts entries from companies to design students, making no distinction. Nowadays, the Red Dot Award for design concept has become the largest and most recognised professional competition for design concept. It received more than 18,000 applications in 2016.

If you are a designer and want to make it big in the creative industry, these are the awards for you. You can find more info about the awards on the official website http://www.red-dot.sg/en/.

Glassberries Design Awards

The Glassberries Design Awards is an annual contest of packaging design whose name and concept takes inspiration from the glass life cycle. The awards were created by portuguese glass production company BA with the goal of establishing a close relationship with universities and students. Since its first edition in 2012, the Glassberries have become a reference for European students and young designers who are looking for a chance in the packaging design world.

Every year, the contest gives out three prizes: the Golden Glassberry, the Silver Glassberry and the Bronze Glassbery. You can find more info about this on the official website http://glassberriesawards.com/the-glassberries/.

Graphic Design Awards by Yamaha

The Graphic Design Award by Yamaha is a global annual award that reward designs of marques, symbols and pictograms. Having supported a lot of competitions relating to music and sports, Yamaha decided that they wanted to support the global communication culture of graphic design.


Most noteworthy, the winner wins 10, 000 dollars. Also, the chance to showcase their work in Yamaha Motor’s global communication activities. You can find more info about the awards on the official website http://www.graphic-day.com/.

A’ Design Award

The A’ Design Award is an international design accolade for designers, architects and innovators. This is a chance for them to connect with each other and exchange knowledge. The award was created in 2009 to to raise awareness for good design principles that benefit society. Now, the A’ Design Award is one of the most important design events worldwide.

The winners of the annual A’ Design Award are unique personalities in the field of design who contribute to a better society with their creations. In addition, you can find info about the awards on the official website https://competition.adesignaward.com/about.html.

IDA Design awards

Finally, the International Design Awards (IDA) is an award created by the Farmani Group. It is the design equivalent of the Annual Lucie Awards for Photography. This is one of the world’s most prestigious photography awards. The awards distinguish the best work in five disciplines: Architectural design, Interior design, Product design, Fashion, and Graphic design.


You can find more info about the prizes on the official website https://idesignawards.com/about.html.

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