5 eco-friendly fashion brands you need to know about

eco-friendly fashion brands

Eco-friendly brands are in

This Saturday, we celebrated Earth Day. April 22 marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970, and all over the world people celebrate planet earth and its resources.

As citizens become more aware of environmental problems, the demand for brands that are environmentally friendly is increasing. In this article, we present five brands that are eco-friendly that you need to know about.


First of all, Nae is a Portuguese footwear brand with a vegan philosophy that is concerned with environmental sustainability. Therefore, the brand only works with alternative materials to leather. Some of these materials are cork, ecological microfibers, pineapple leaves and PET – recycled plastic bottles. As a consequence, the brand intends to be an alternative for those looking for Portuguese footwear design – in Portugal we produce high-quality footwear – and present a major responsibility to the Environment. In conclusion, NAE is against any form of animal exploitation for fashion so is completely vegan.

eco-friendly fashion brands

A Peace Treaty

Specializing in handmade pieces by artisans, A Peace Treaty is a champion in slow-fashion. The founders of the brand dedicate themselves to discovering and preserving centuries-old craftsmanship techniques. Due to that, the brand works with artisan groups across ten countries to produce exclusive collections that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

eco-friendly fashion brands


Another example, NATURAPURA is a brand of baby clothing made with 100% organic cotton. As a result, the brand sells all kinds of clothes with a very particular characteristic: they only exist in three colors: green, brown and raw. This is due to the fact that the pieces only exist in the natural colors of the cotton. For those who have the concern of dressing their children with organic materials, this brand is an excellent option.

eco-friendly fashion brands

H&M Conscious Collection

The Swedish multinational clothing-retail company produces  fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children, but is making important steps into turning green. H&M offers a lot of organic options in its collections, but the Conscious Collection is a great example of how fashion can be sustainable. The annual collection comprises of high-end environmentally friendly pieces, aiming to move H&M’s fashion and sustainability development towards a more sustainable fashion future.  Most noteworthy, the brand announced that all cotton used in the brands pieces will come from sustainable sources by 2020.

eco-friendly fashion brands


Finally, G.KERO is the result of Marguerite Bartherotte’s vision to transform high quality fabrics into technicoloured statement pieces. Now, she transforms the limits between art and fashion.
The brand is entirely eco-friendly. Consequently, the clothes are designed with the utmost attention to detail.  Therefore, they are made from high-quality, refined, soft fabric (cotton, cashmere, and silk). They are crafted in the best family workshops in Portugal. Check out G.KERO’s Spring/Summer Collection 2017 in the video below.

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