Access Bradshaw Smartwatch by Michael Kors


Fusing fashion and technology

Our product of choice today is Michael Kors Access Bradshaw Smartwatch, a smartwatch powered by Android Wear that allows users to choose from various display face, fitness tracking, alerts and social media notifications. It is a very chic way to use technology.


The designer’s DNA is not difficult to identify in this model: the classy bezel, lugs and stainless steel are classic elements of Michael Kors’s line of watches. However, some characteristics are quite new and surprised us, like the fact that this is the biggest watch the brand has launched.

The Access Bradshaw is available in eight colours that include tort gold, pave gold and metallic brown. There are also 22 interchangeable silicone straps that are sold separately and six other leather straps. So if you get bored you can always create a brand-new watch.

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The watch face is also customizable. The Access Bradshaw comes with a built-in fitness tracking so you can incorporate it in your workout sessions.

It also features voice commands with whom you can search the web or create alerts.This watch is a true interpretation of the new trend to incorporate technology in fashion. A must-have.

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