Adidas 3D Print trainers

3D PrintThe 3D Print shoes that made their debut at Rio

Adidas just revealed a limited-edition run of the 3D print trainers worn by some athletes at this year’s Olympics at Rio de Janeiro. The shoes are called 3D Runner.

The 3D Runner was released for purchase in London, New York, and Tokyo. This is a very anticipated launch since it is the first time Adidas puts its 3D-printing technology for sale.

3D Print
The 3D Runners have a lot in common with the Futurecraft trainers unveiled last year, which had 3D-printed soles. The shoe’s midsole resembles a web-like structure, with denser zones in particular areas.

There is no glue or stitching involved in the making of these trainers. Also, there is plastic inserted to reinforce the heel cup of a shoe. Adida’s Primeknit technology is used at the upper of the shoe, making the 3D Runner light and flexible.

3D Print

The shoes became really popular at this year’s Olympics, when some athletes of Great Britain and USA wore them during the medal ceremonies. If you have the chance to grab one of these, please do, this is design and technology at its finest.

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