Adidas Classic Socks by Adidas

Adidas socks

The socks trend no one knew could happen

If you’ve been paying attention to fashion trends lately, you’ve certainly noticed that in recent years some fashion trends that were considered horrible suddenly became super-stylish. The adidas white socks.

One such example are the slide sandals. Disliked for years at the expense of flip flops, the slide sandals have returned in strength and are more in than ever. But they did not come alone.

Adidas socks

Combined with slide sandals, it’s super stylish now to wear white adidas nike socks. Not only was it unthinkable to wear flip-flops with socks a few years ago, as no white ones would ever be worn.

But in this trend what matters is that the brand logo is visible. The adidas ones are our favorite and we especially like this fashion trend for being extremely cheap.

Adidas socks

This white fashion item costsaround 10 euros and last a lifetime. Look at the photos we selected and get inspired with this fabulous trend.

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