Adidas x Parley sneakers


A shoe made of ocean waste

Adidas has launched a prototype shoe with an upper made from materials produced using plastic recovered from the sea. The sneaker is constructed using Adidas manufacturing process, but the yarns are replaced with fibers made from ocean plastic waste and fishnets.adidas-x-parley_ocean-waste_sneaker_dezeen_468_3
The shoe results from a collaboration between Adidas designer Alexander Taylor and Parley for the Oceans, an organization that addresses threats towards the oceans. The shoe was unveiled at an event organized by Parley for the Oceans and gain a lot of attention.

The idea come up to the creators when they thought that the materials being left in the ocean had the same characteristics of those used in sneakers. So why not use them to fabricate a beautiful shoe and reduce waste in the sea?


The designer worked with “green” specialists, companies that are able to come up with new materials and transform those nets and plastics in materials that are suitable for shoe manufacturing. The shoe has the traditional Adidas Boost sole.

These sneakers are part of a new collection, with no release date. The brand is looking for new ways to produce sustainable materials for other products. The sustainable collection is a way to raise awareness about the pollution of the ocean and destruction of aquatic ecosystems.

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