Aeron chair remastered by Herman Miller


A masterpiece remastered

The Aeron chair is present in almost every company’s offices. Most of us are not even aware of the importance of this chair model and the way it changed lives from the moment it was launched.herman-miller-aeron-office-chair-furniture-design_dezeen_2364_col_8
The Aeron chair was launched in 1994 and sold over seven million pieces ever since. The reasons why it was so innovative at the time is that it didn’t include foam or fabric, and had a very simple, yet functional, design.

After 20 years, Herman Miller decided to remaster the Aeron chair and has worked for two years alongside Don Chadwick, one of the original designers. What is new then? First of all, the new Aeron chair has better ergonomics and anthropometrics. These changes come after years of researching.

While keeping some aspects of the original design, the Aeron chair has one big change. There are now three sizes to provide an inclusive fit for the largest range of body types. The new sizes -A, B, and C – promise to fit any body type.

The new Aeron Chair comes in three colors: Mineral, Carbon, and Graphite (all shades of gray). Henry Miller was able to reduce the weight of the chair by 3 pounds. Finally, 91% of the materials used in the new Aeron Chair are recyclable.

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