Air Jordan candles by What the Shape

Photo: What the ShapeWhat the Shape, candles with the shape of your sneakers

If you are a sneaker lover you certainly know that this is not a cheap love. Good sneakers are not easy to find and they are quite expensive, so sometimes people have to save for months just to grab a pair of those Yeezys or Jordans.

If you can’t afford nice sneakers or just want to give an original gift to your shoe-lover friend, check out these mini handmade candles and soaps modelled after sneakers produced by What the Shape.

Photo: What the Shape

What the Shape is a company that produces candles and soaps modelled after your favorite kicks. They have just released a candle version of Air Jordan 12 and 13. They are super clean in all-white and release no odor.

The odorless burn is an extra-special plus for those people who can’t stand candle odors. This mini Air Jordan candles are actually much more affordable than the real deal, at 20 dollars the piece.

Photo: What the Shape

You can purchase them at collete online stores. What the shape ships them worldwide so there is no excuse to keep yourself to have an extra special decor item in your place. We can’t wait to have one!

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