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Airflow 2 Jet Helmet by BMW


Confort, Protection and Design: all in one


It’s no news that BMW is at the forefront in regard to the products used on the road, whether we speak of cars or motorcycles. We present here an important accessory for all motorcyclists, which combines three very important features: comfort, protection and design.

We speak of the helmet. One of our favorites is the Airflow 2 Jet Helmet by BMW. This helmet has been tested on the road and wind tunnel to be silent and remain stable at high speeds.

This helmet has two major areas of ventilation, which can be closed, and is well positioned in reviews when it comes to comfort. For this reason, we believe that we should emphasize it as one more product that combines functionality and design.

Regarding the material, Airflow Jet 2 is made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic with carbon reinforcing layers. It also has high-quality aluminum highlighters at sides with BMW branding.

For those who want to be more discreet, there is the option to purchase a tinted visor, available as an accessory. Furthermore, it is very lightweight with about 1250 gr. This beautifully designed helmed won the Best of the Best ‘red dot design award for outstanding design quality.”  

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