Aly John Feminism capsule Collection

Photo: Aly John

This capsule collection by Aly John features an hand-drawn illustration of Frida Khalo.

Aly John is a portuguese denim brand that creates premium jeans with modern and classic designs. Their brand new collection is inspired by great names of feminism.

Frida Kahlo, Audrey Hepburn and Madonna are some of the names of the women that inspired this line.

Photo: Aly John

The new capsule collection promises to fill this season with motivational quotes about women, love and strength. We know Frida Kahlo for three things. First, to be a successful Mexican painter. Second, her thick eyebrows. Finally,  for being a woman far ahead of her time with an open, revolutionary and unbreakable mind.

Aly John decided to include her in their new capsule collection called”Feminism”. The piece with Frida is a hand-drawn bargain jacket, which costs 616 €.

Photo: Aly John

The jacket has an embroidered phrase popularized by Kahlo: “Pies, ¿para qué los quiero si tengo alas pa’ volar?”. Feet, for what do I want them if I have wings to fly away?

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