Anchor Cable by Native Union


No more sliding cables

Product design company Native Union created a cable that is supposed to solve all of our problems, at least cable-related ones. The Anchor Cable uses a weight to stay in place – anchored.native-union-anchor-cable-product-design-technology-charger_dezeen_2364_col_3
The weight is made from non-slip silicone that doesn’t allow the cable to move on a flat surface. Its geometric shape not only looks modern but also helps with anchoring the cable, has it can be placed in all sorts of angles, always being functional.

The Anchor Cable is 2 meters long, which allows more freedom of use than regular cables, who force the user to be standing next to the place where his/her phone is charging. The cable is also reinforced to last longer: Native Union claims that its product is six times stronger than standard cables.

Due to its innovative design and the adjustable weight, your cable will stay in place. No longer will you find your cable on the floor. The Anchor Cable also supports data transfer.

The Anchor Cable is available in two colors, beige or blue. The entire packaging is recyclable, so you are ecologically responsible by purchasing this product.

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