Animal Tire Sculptures by Blake McFarland


Blake McFarland discovered an innovative way to use tires

Blake McFarland is an artist who uses recycled rubber tires to create amazing life-like sculptures of animals. Each sculpture takes anywhere from 100 to 400 tires and up to a month to complete.

The animal sculptures feature strategically placed tires which resemble real life muscular animals. All of the tires are recycled, which makes Blake really proud.


Blake McFarland already made lions, tigers, dragons and pandas -this las one using dyed tires. All the other sculptures are mainly in dark colours, usually black, the original color of the tires.

The creator began his career by painting, but once he found tire art he knew he had found his niche. He portrays the animal’s muscle structure and fur using different types of tires.


One of the best thing about McFarland’s animal tires is that it is eco-friendly. He doesn’t purchase the tires. He picks them up in landfills and uses them for this awesome art. If you are an animal and art lover, this may be something you like.

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