Arne Vodder’s AV72 lounge chair by Erik Jørgensen

av73AV72: a classic reimagined

2016 has been a year full of renovations. Classic designs were reimagined and redesigned to become more modern and answer to today’s challenges. That is the case of the iconic AV72 lounge chair.

Launched in 1972 by designer Arne Vodder, this was the first notable work of the danish modernist, whose formation is in cabinet making. Vodder is known for his work in wood, mainly because of the time he learned to work with it doing cabinets.


The AV72 chair was the first item of furniture the designer created with a full metal frame. The AV72’s steel frame supports the matt, that features a slim cushion in tan or brown leather. Jørgensen redesigned the lounge chair using the same leather as Vodder’s original version

The AV72 is slightly surve so it follows the sape of the body in a natural way, prioritizing functionality.


Like all Arne Vodder’s designs, the V72 is both functional and usable, as beautiful. The designer as always defended that a chair should be comfortable to sit in, form is not above usability.

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