Atari is finally releasing the new Atari VCS

Atari VCS console

The new Atari console will be available to pre-order from May 30

In 2016, Atari confirmed the return to the console gaming market. As a result, fans all over the world went crazy, waiting for more news about the new Atari console.

In the release note, the company stated that they wanted to create something innovative. However, Atari said that they wanted to stay true to their heritage. Then, in 2017, Atari revealed that they would release Ataribox – its first console in over 20 years. Yet, nothing happened and fans were becoming impatient.

Atari VCS console
Now, more a year after the revelation, the company is making the new console available for pre-order from May 30. Atari VCS console, its new name, comes in two different versions.
The Collector’s Edition features wood-style panelling, and the Onyx Edition comes in black.

First of all, AMD is the company in charge of the new console’s processor. You can expect 4k resolution, 60fps gameplay, internal/external storage, built-in wifi, USB 3 and Bluetooth 5 capabilities. Most noteworthy, the console system comes with some games like Atari Vault, Asteroids, Centipede and Missile Command.

Atari VCS console
Finally, fans are super happy about this news, hoping that the new Atari meets expectations. Afterall, 20 years without an Atari console deserves a big comeback.

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