August Smart Lock by August


No more copying keys and wondering who’s at the door


In a time when people expect full visibility of who’s entering and exiting their houses, new solutions that combine efficiency and design are being presented to us.


The August Smart Lock has a sleek design that is pleasant for the eye and also almost invisible for those who intend to invade our properties. It is also designed to use your existing deadbolt and keyset, replacing only the thumbturn on the inside face of your door.



Installation is simple and takes approximately 15 minutes. With this smart lock, you can create virtual keys for family members and guests and select when their access is granted or denied.

A activity log tracks who enters and exits your home and it also fearures unique keys for each user. This way we always know who opens the door and when.


This product offers the possibility to use an Apple watch to lock/unlock the door, check activity logs and receive notifications. The innovative design is the result from a collaboration with fuseproject – Arthur Kenzo – and Ives Behar.


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