Axor LampShower by Nendo


A shower head that is actually a lamp

If you are looking for a fun piece to your bathroom, we present to you the Axor Lampshower, a shower head whose design is inspired by a floor lamp. The genius behind this idea is Oki Sato from Nendo studio, a Japanese designer whose minimal aesthetic is becoming one of the biggest trends in the design.  

Sato’s work DNA is marked by a spare minimalism that combines a sense of fun and humour to his pieces. He often combines different elements and, in this specific case, totally distinct living areas.


The Axor LampShower actually has a light bulb that turns on the light if you desire so, and a beautiful water jet runs down from the rim of the transparent lampshade. The lighting creates a magical atmosphere throughout the whole space.

The Axor LampShower can be mounted in the wall or on the ceiling. You can also customize your lamp, with different color-options and special finishes, such as a gold look.


We believe this is a very original piece, perfect for a one-of-a-kind showering experience, bringing a more intimate and homely feel to the bathroom. The Axor LampShower is the ideal option for those who are looking for something different in their showers


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