Backpacks by Kraxe Wien

Photo: Kraxe Wien

Kraxe Wien: a brand born between Vienna and Porto

Kraxe Wien is a brand created somewhere between Vienna and the city of Porto – recently considered the best tourist destination in Europe. The idea was to create a product that would meet the needs of citizens in many parts of Europe.

Firstly, Kraxe differs from the different solutions available in the market by using different materials and superior quality. Moreover, Kraxe Wien uses an ECO double coating and vinyl material by the brands: Silverguard, Permablok 3 and Permaguard.

Photo: Kraxe Wien

The brand aims always to use genuine leather, canvas, and cotton, which means, the best materials for the best backpacks. Kraxe Wien’s target audience is a relatively young, dynamic and energetic audience that takes their bags to various contexts.

The product looks neat but is versatile enough to adapt to different environments. It is a product for the buyer that privileges the quality of material and values a good construction and design quality.

Photo: Kraxe Wien

There are several models of backpacks, available in more discreet or more bright colorways. We believe that there is an option for everyone, from the more conservative look to the modern one.

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