Balenciaga released 1000 dollars supermarket plastic bags

Balenciaga bags

Balenciaga created 1000 dollars lambskin “Supermarket Plastic Bags”

It’s not the first time Balenciaga drops a set of expensive shopping bags in the past year, but this version is the one that resembles classic shopping bags the most. There are three takes on the classic disposable plastic carrier bag.

Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga founded Luxury fashion house Balenciaga in Spain. The public knows the brand for its luxurious ultra-modern feminine shapes.

Balenciaga bags

The designs, “Supermarket Shoppers”, are made in soft silky and lambskin. The bags feature two handles and you can clean them easily with a soft clean cloth.

However, the three “Supermarket Shoppers” bags feature different prints. The yellow version features a “The Power of Dreams,” saying. Aditionally, the red bag features the word “Europe. The last one features the brand’s logo above the letters “EU.”

Balenciaga bags

You can order the full “Supermarket Shopper” capsule collection from the brand’s website. Finally, prices range from 950 to 1150 dollars, a quite high value for shopping bags.

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