Basket Heart by Puma


Basket Hear: a sweeter side of sport

Almost every week, Puma introduces new models that make brand fans spend much more time in the stores than necessary. After the new autumn models (with textured fabrics), the brand relaunches the classic Basket Heart, now with a more feminine touch.

According to the brand, the Basket Heart sneakers celebrate a more “sweet” side of sport and are the latest lifestyle model to come. These sneakers follow the message of the “Do You” campaign that inspires women to show their world their style with confidence.


With the Puma Suede, the Basket Heart were successful in the 1970s, when hip-hop played a major role in urban culture. In a time when hip-hop culture has so much impact in fashion again, this promises to be a great option for street wear.

The Basket Heart is available in white and black leather and finished in satin, suede, and denim. You can also choose from two types of bow: a perfect bow with the ribbon or make a larger and wider bow.


Basket Heart are already available for adults and children in stores. This can be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift, so if you still haven’t gotten your other half’s present, this can be an option

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