The best sneakers to a summer night out: Le Coq Sportif Avantage

Photo: Le Coq Sportif

If you are looking for the perfect Summer sneakers, check these ones out!

It is summer time and most of us are already freaking out. Post exam parties, hangouts, summer trips, family vacations and beach parties. Seems like too much to handle but can’t wait to start either. Le Coq Sportif  is here to help.

Here, my most favorite part is the pre-fun shopping. The preparations merged with excitement is beyond words, when there are dreams, plans, wild thoughts, jokes, food and lots of shopping. It was a similar evening when we all went out for shopping. In the coming days, we were going to our grandparent’s town and I needed a reasonable pair of sneakers.

Photo: Le Coq Sportif

After hours of search, trying dozen different sneakers, I finally stopped at this white Lecoqsportif Avantage sneaker. With their signature Lecoqsportif logo on the sides and back, this pair caught my eyes first and my heart the moment I tried it on. Simply perfect on my feet, the Avantage is the new thing to Summers. I knew this is where I am spending my money and trust me, it has been two years and I don’t regret my decision.

My personal experience over the vacations was superb. I wore them more than I had expected them too, yet not torn off, as new as the first day. From beach parties to overnight bonfires, movie plans to brunches, Avantage turned out to be my partner wherever I go.

Photo: Le Coq Sportif

The inspiration coming from decades of tennis archives, the sole looks much alike Arthur Ashe. The design, fit and comfort seem to pay a tribute to the tennis legends around the globe. If you are a tennis player like me, you’d feel yourself in the air, so light so comfortable.

Unlike other shoes, these sneakers are low in height, so they don’t put pressure on our feet, you can easily run and walk for miles. Made up of genuine leather, they are less prone to injuries and foot infection such as rashes, eczema, and corns. Ideal to wear for long hours with and without socks, in any season be it spring or summer.

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