Better Shelter tent by UNHCR and IKEA Foundation

Design at the service of those who need it the most

Better Shelter is a tent created by The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the Ikea Foundation out of the belief that sustainable design can make a difference to humanitarian relief.

This innovative project aims to help and revolutionize the lives of refugees scattered throughout the world. The IKEA Foundation began developing this project in 2013. In late January of this year, it won the Beazley Design of the Year award by The Design Museum in London.


The idea is straightforward and practical, just like anything Ikea does. A tent that works almost like a house and can be assembled by anyone in little time. The structure withstands rain and wind and features ventilation, windows and a solar panel to carry electronic equipment.

With 15.5 square meters, this metal structure can be assembled anywhere and is perfect to fit a family of five people. Currently, Better Shelter is present in refugee camps in Iraq, Ethiopia, Greece, Djibouti and Niger. The IKEA tent costs € 1158.


This is the perfect example of how design can actually help the lives of people in need. Families all over the world will have a space to call home. Or at least while they are in refugee camps and have no place to go. Well done Ikea!

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