Bicycle parts desk lamp by Bespoke Spokes


Easy as riding a bicycle

Here is a design product that will certainly please those who like objects made of other unlikely objects. The product we present now is a desk lamp made of a bicycle.

Bicycle parts desk lamp by Bespoke Spokes it a creation of Joe Goldstein. He used one of the most iconic pieces of the bike: the wheel. The rim is connected to several gear wheels that function as a lamp base.


In top of the bike rim there is the central part of the lamp: the lampshade. This item is made from a vintage bike lamp that gives the all lamp an exquisite and old look.

Finally, the most amazing thing about the design of this product is that it is almost entirely produced with materials that we can find in a bicycle.


Most of all, the design of this lamp fascinated us and the truth is that, in any angle you look, it is still interesting. An ideal product for those who like original design products.

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