The Bravest Coat by Canada Goose

The Bravest Coat by Canada Goose

The Bravest Coat is an homage to firefighters

Canada Goose is a Canadian brand that manufactures winter clothing. Founded in 1957, Canada Goose manufactures a wide range of jackets, parkas, vests, hats, gloves, shells and other apparel. 

Recently, the brand was involved in controversy for using coyote fur on the hoods, causing protests from anti-animal-cruelty activists.

The Bravest Coat by Canada Goose
However, the brand is also involving in more positive initiatives like the recent partnership with FDNY Foundation. Canada Goose launched “The Bravest Coat”, a tribute to the courage of firefighters around the world.

The jacket takes inspiration from traditional firefighter outerwear, but don’t expect to see bright colors we are used to see in firefighting gear. The Bravest Coat features functional design elements such as Hi-vis stripes.

The stripes reflect light sources, and the quality of production of Canada Goose ensures protection from bad weather and cold. In addition, metal clasps and a drop tail hem recall firefighting uniforms. The FDNY emblem on the chest emphasizes the referential design, as well as a velcro patch on the right sleeve.

The Bravest Coat by Canada Goose
This patch allows the client to customize their jacket with one of five included badges designed by true New York firefighters. The jacket will be for sale in New York, Toronto, London and Tokyo Canada Goose stores.

Finally, the price is $695 USD on April 6.

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