Brick Camo capsule collection by CLOT x Ian Connor


Camo is everywhere, at least according to CLOT

Ian Connor is a somewhat mysterious figure. The fashion icon began appearing in Kanye West fashion shows as a model. Then, suddenly he was one of Yeezy’s co-workers and a prominent figure in the fashion industry. Now, he is collaborating with fashion brand CLOT.

He and fashion brand CLOT just released a Brick camo capsule collection that is part of CLOT’s 2017 spring/summer “New Age Ethnic” collection. The brand’s creative director Edison Chen explain that the New Age Ethnic is the world we live today.


In reference to the melting pot of races, ethnicities and even fashion choices, this capsule collection is built upon a patchwork camouflage pattern.

The pattern features different color tones of camo patterns. This creates a really cool visual effect and an urban aesthetic that keeps the military influence of the classic camouflage pattern.


CLOT was born in 2003 by Edison Chen and Kevin Poon, both Asian fashion designers and influencers. The brand promotes creativity and hopes to feel in the gap between East and West.

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