Bukvy bag by Bukvy

The ultimate bag

Bukvy is a company founded by friends Joanna Bark and Elena Ekström in 2015. Best friends from childhood, the two women live busy lives trying to juggle work, relationships, dinner with friends and gym. In an attempt to create the ultimate bag that would fit their needs for all these activities, the Bukvy bag was born.

After long months of discussion, testing materials, design and color pallets, the friends came up with a plan that promises to fit all your needs and dreams. Not only is it functional, but the Bukvy bag is also one of the most elegant pieces we have seen in a while.


The Buvky bag is a 5 in 1 solution. It can be used as a rucksack, a laptop bag, a tote bag, a shoulder bag or a clutch. All of this is possible by just changing the straps and adjusting the zippers.

The bag comes in four colors: taupe, black, sand and plum. The bag is made from genuine calf leather and goat suede and is handcrafted in Spain.


We absolutely love products that combine functional design and beauty, so we believe this bag is the perfect solution for the modern woman, who is always going from place to place and doesn’t have the time to change her bag everyday.

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