Guapa: caps made of bamboo

Photo: NIT - caps bu GUAPA

Ever heard of caps made of bamboo? Well, here they are.

Tom and Fábio met while studying in the UK in 2008 and became instant friends. When they finished the course, each one followed his professional life but they kept in touch. Now they are making caps.

In 2015, Tom showed Fábio his invention: a bicycle made of bamboo that everyone complimented on. He eventually sold the bike and some prototypes but the investment of mass production was too high.

Photo: NIT - caps bu GUAPA

They decided to create a brand and gave it the name of the compliment everyone in Barcelona gave to Tom’s bike, “Guapa”, which means beautiful in spanish. They created two lines of caps.

The first, features blades made of bamboo and the other, blades in a kind of resin, the same material used to make surfboards. You can buy them in Guapa’s online store with prices between € 45 and € 49.

Photo: NIT - caps bu GUAPA

This month, the second collection of the brand will be launched: a line with more than 300 options of caps with removable blades which people can change whenever they wish to.

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