Carnaval Chair by Guido Lanari


The chair that got us dreaming about Carnaval


Carnaval Chair is a rocking chair far from ordinary. This piece of furniture is all in wood and cords and renders it in visual motion generated by the twisting of the structure’s surface. This way, the motion is generated by the user.

The inspiration behind the design of this chair was Carnaval, a celebration that has its origins in Portugal and Brazil. The wood used for the chair is an allegory to nature and color as expression.


People who buy this chair are able to customize it by choosing the materials used: what kind of wood is used and the color in the frame and the cords.


The customization process was thought as a metaphor for the rituals behind the choices of color, material and texture used in Brazilian Carnaval.


The designer, Guido Lanari, wanted to translate the festive spirit that identifies Carnaval in this piece of furniture, and we think he was quite successful.  


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