Basket Sock Trainer by PUMA

Credits: PUMA

No need to wear socks, this PUMA sneaker has a built-in sock

PUMA was a brand that was always present in my child’s imagination. I had a lot of PUMA tracksuits and I loved the logo, wearing it proudly. Then, as I grew older, other brands were occupying my mind. But PUMA was always there. I treasure my first Basket trainers and loved the idea that the brand was realeasing a new version. Continue Reading

Balenciaga released 1000 dollars supermarket plastic bags

Balenciaga bags

Balenciaga created 1000 dollars lambskin “Supermarket Plastic Bags”

It’s not the first time Balenciaga drops a set of expensive shopping bags in the past year, but this version is the one that resembles classic shopping bags the most. There are three takes on the classic disposable plastic carrier bag.

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