In celebration of Pride month, Nike just released rainbow bikes

Photo: Hypebeast | Nike bike

The new 50 BIKETOWN sneaker bikes were designed in support of the LGBTQ community

In celebration of Pride month and in support of the LGBTQ community, Nike just released 50 BIKETOWN sneaker bikes in two new rainbow colorways. The design is part of the 2017 BETRUE collection.

Nike‘s “Be True” collection was first launched in 2012 as an effort led by passionate Nike employees to connect with the LGBTQ community. The collection as since featured footwear designs and a range of limited edition bikes as the ones I will talk about now.

Photo: Hypebeast | Nike bike

The new 50 BIKETOWN sneaker bikes come in two limited-edition rainbow colorways. They will be launched in the city of Portland as part of its bike share system. This system launched back in July of 2016.

Nike has a strong connection to the city of Portland. It was its base for 40 years. So, Nike partnered with its Bureau of Transportation to bring BIKETOWN, a bike share program.

Photo: Hypebeast | Nike bike
Nike created these bikes for Portland community leaders to ride them in Portland’s Pride Parade on June 18. In adittion, they will continue to roll through the city during Pride month and beyond.

I think this is a beautiful initiative and a very beautiful way to connect sports and a community often marginalized. In conclusion, I hope to see more brand doing stuff like this!

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