Chip wallet by Primark


The wallet that flies from shelves

Little Chip is the world’s most famous cup of tea, all because he is one of the most adorable movie characters ever. The “Beauty and the Beast” character is more popular than ever because of the live action version of the movie.

The cutest character in the animated film industry, has turned into a coin purse and is causing a collective hysteria in Primark’s UK stores. The brand launched a collection of mobile phone covers, pajamas and accessories inspired by the new film featuring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens.


However, there was one item that stood out the most: this golden clasp wallet that is driving costumers crazy. As the brand does not restock the accessory on time, some customers are using ebay to sell the Chip seven times more expensive than the original price.

The wallet comes in the shape of the famous tea cup, which seems very unpractical, and features a zip fastening around the rim and a gold handle. In Portugal, it is not known if this collection will even reach stores.


In the store, the small accessory costs about five pounds (six euros). The budget-friendly store’s chip coin holder sold out across Britain, and mums have been paying up to 31 pounds on eBay. A perfect gift for Disney enthusiasts!

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