Classic X Vintage Mini Backpack by Adidas

Photo: Adidas Backpack

A tiny-size backpack that joins classic and modern in a perfect design

Adidas launched a mini-sized backpack called Classic X Vintage that is the new top item in my wishlist. I was looking for a backpack that could carry the thousand objects that walk with me daily, but that was not giant like the one it used normally.

I came across the Classic X Vintage Mini Backpack in Adidas website and couldn’t take my eye off of it. It has a vintage feel but meets the need of the modern woman (or man, I actually think that this backpack can be worn by some brave men).

Photo: Adidas Backpack

The bag is actually a smaller version of the Classic Vintage Backpack and has detachable shoulder straps for use as a handbag. This way, I can go to work in the morning with the normal version in my back and then go to a night out with my friend with the handbag.

The classic trefoil logo is, of course, present. In aditiion, the contrast piping give it the classic look of the iconic adidas items. I find this bag perfect for my needs because it has a zip main compartment. It also has a front zip pocket where I put my phone and wallet for faster access.

Photo: Adidas Backpack

The best thing for me is that the bag looks like it is made of real leather, but isn’t. I am quite an environmentalist. So, I wouldn’t like to walk around with a bag that is made of animal leather. In conclusion, this is the perfect bag for me and my busy days. I will use it for a long long time.

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