Comtemporary style watch with vintage technology


Nixie is a product filled with design and nostalgie created the Australian industrial designer.

To find the perfect design setup for your home or working space, you might need to buy a piece with some retro style.

Blub is a design clock that can get you back in time, the perfect retro aesthetics by Duncan Hellmers.

Nixie tube technology is the perfect example where vintage technologies match contemporary products.

For now, you can get one by pledging the project at Kickstarter for $369 AUD. You can become a backer from $5 AUD.

Duncan is an Industrial Designer from Australia with a passion for vintage aesthetics on modern products.


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  1. A great clock has character. Yes, I hate it going off in the moinrng, and puzzling the exact time out of a watch face such as these can be frustrating, but I love the look and feel of a clock. There’s something classy about them. They summon the images of people with pocket watches and anything vintage. A clock with ticking hands makes a soothing background sound, and reminds me of less frantic times, before everything went digital. Besides, how would I get through my day to day life without them? I can no longer tell the time of the day just by the position of the sun in the sky.

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