Cool Club by Friday Next 


Playing cards with your idols is now a reality

The item we feature today is the Cool Club, a deck of cards so original you won’t want to use with fear it will be ruined. These are no ordinary cards. Each one of the 53 has a cartoon that represents an influential individual in today’s culture and society. 


The people represented in these colorful cards are powerful thinkers who have contributed to great changes in the world or iconic characters in their field.

According to the designers, the Cool Club is not only a collection of faces but a group of people that inspired them – and also all of us – to be better every day and make the most out of it.


Some examples of people featured in the Cool Club deck are Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Freddy Mercury, Steve Jobs, Michelle Obama, Elvis, etc. In different areas, these people made a difference in today’s world so it is truthfully cool to have them represented in cards.


The design of the Cool Club is truly beautiful and pleasant to the eye. You can easily identify each one of the individuals represented in the cards and see aspects of their personality in each cartoon.


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