The coolest floats to use in your pool this Summer

Have you noticed that all celebrities have giant floats in their instagram photos?

If you are aware of the latest trends in the celebrity world, you’ve probably already seen that giant pool floats.

The Kardashians, Taylor Swift and even Rihanna have posted photos with the famous giant swan. The famous white buoy even became the main revealer of the romance between Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift a few years ago. All happened in a famous photo in which both appeared together on top of the swan float.

However, Summer is not made of swans only and there are many more models available in the market at this time. From flamingos to slices of pizza, pretzels, among others, there are a lot of options.

There are some more expensive than others, but they always have one thing in common: they are the protagonists of the best summer instagram photos.

Join Kendall Jenner and bet on one of these fun floats to take your Summer parties to the next level.  Your social media will thank!

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