Cozy treat-filled Slippers


A gift idea for the ones who love slippers

Every once in awhile we go to pinterest to grab some inspiration and end up seeing awesome DIY ideas. The problem with Pinterest’s DIY ideas is that a lot of them don’t have instructions on how to make them. Or require expert skills. This one envolves slippers and is so easy.

We saw this idea in pinterest and it caught our eyes immediately because it doesn’t involve any work, just purchasing the items. We present to you: cozy treat-filled slippers. They are ideal for a special friend or family member and it is particularly easy to do if you know the person well.


All you have to do is purchase some comfy ones.We recommend these Victoria’s Secret Womens Faux Fur Slippers . They are super comfortable and could be a perfect gift just for itself.

However, we are taking it to another level. We are filling them with some treats the person likes. Our suggestion is for a girl. First of all, some nail polish. Every girl likes to have beautiful nails, so there’s no chance it goes wrong. We recommend Sinful Colors Nail Polish.


At last, some goodies for the belly. This Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates is a true classic, everyone likes it. You just need to put all these things inside the slippers and you have a beautiful and creative christmas gift.

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