How to create a smarter house with Google Home

Google Home device

Google Home is our new best friend

Every day is a tiring day. From morning to dawn, it is me and my office files and when I am home, it is work again. Work so stressing that I tend to forget many important tasks, important calls, dates…ahhh, such a mess it becomes.

It was one fine day when I found out about Google Home. It was last week only when I came back from work, and wishing to only relax and chill out. I grabbed a glass of wine and sat on my recliner. I usually watch the news after office but that day I told my Google Home to play my favorite music and there is was… Just like a magical genie.

So what’s the magic like? Google Home is a hands-free voice activated speaker powered by Google Assistant. It works just like a personal assistant. I ask it questions, demands it to do things, feed in it what I need to do, what I am missing out on and Google Home does it all, making me more efficient. The best part: it can distinguish voices of all family members. In short, Home is everyone’s assistant.

While Google Home as a good memory, it is also smart and intelligent. My kids love it the most because wherever they are stuck, they ask Google Home and it gives the answer. Not only does it play my favorite music, but it gives me weather updates, stock market situations, sports updates, local business news, traffic info and a lot more.

If you allow more, this superb genie can do more, update you about flight schedules, give you a wake-up call and share your daily routine while you have a scrumptious breakfast.

Interestingly this smart Google Home device can easily connect with your smart devices such as Philips, Chromecast, and Nest. It easy, you can change your television channel, set your room temperature, turns down the lights, and change the volume.

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