Cruise by day and downhill by night with Atom longboards

Photo: Atom

Travel in style in the city with a longboard

Imagine a life without traffic signals and traffic jams. No running late, no honking, no speed breakers and off you go to your destination.

Sounds childish or perhaps not possible? Not really though, imagine you get something better, useful and effective than a car or bike or bicycle to ride to your destination. Imagine a longboard, one that you jump on and whoosh you go, street to street, swishing on the roads, in sync with the winds and make a stop so easy and smooth.

Well, that’s how I do it! The spring is here and nothing is more soothing than traveling in this beautiful season. I grab my longboard and cruise the city. Randomly street to street, I watch nature, observe people and be thankful for all that I have. During the nights, I go hard and down the hill when there are fewer people, I make time for myself and enjoy the speed. Free from signals and traffic, I enjoy the freedom, the power, and speed.

Photo: Atom

I use the Atom Longboard as my ultimate choice. Due to its maximum stability, I choose this for downhilling, while the ease of pushing makes it perfect for the random town to town kicking and long distance riding. With a full maple laminated deck, its perimeter shape is specially designed to give leverage to every turn you make and reduce wheel bites.

What makes it special? Super high, rebound urethane wheels and high-speed lubricant bearings. The high quality 80s grip tape gives me a safer ride. Unlike my previous longboard, this one comes fully assembled, so no worried to put your head down with tools and manual guide.

The specifications are ideal for transportation, cruising, racing and stunts. Most other longboards are risky and their wheels cannot maintain speed so stunts can’t be performed, but this one has swag, speed, and strength. It gives balance so that you maintain the gravity of the ground and don’t sway much. The most important benefit I find is time-saving.

Photo: Atom

This Atom Longboard gives a good Time Return Money on Investment. So if you think you are paying much, trust me, not much as you will save time. In fact, you will also save money in the longer run, money that you would need to maintain a car. To top it all, unlike taking your car out, this is easy; Grab, leave and reach. No procrastination, more of friends and of course lots of fun. So get your speed and fun out on the road with this Atom Longboard.

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