Cutouts Cotton Jersey Dress by Vetements

Vetements Cutout Dress

The hype around Vetements continues

At this point, you must have heard about Vetements if you follow fashion. Vetements is a parisian “design collective” that presented its first collection in 2014 and took the fashion world by storm.

Maybe it’s the mistery about the brand – we only know that the main designer is Gvasalia, the rest of the collective remais anonymous. Maybe it’s the dope clothes, the truth is that the collective is hotter than ever.

Vetements Cutout Dress

Every celebrity is wearing their clothes, and the pieces from the collaborative collection with Champion was all around first rows in Fashion Week. The brand is one of the go-to streetstyle fashion brands of the moment.

The french brand is one of the trendsetters of the oversized pieces. Gvasalia’s vision of exaggeration is present in every piece of the collections . Now, the designer is taking it to a whole new level.

Vetements Cutout Dress

Vetements just launched a piece that takes the oversize trend a step further. The Cutouts Cotton Jersey Dress was created in collaboration with sports brand Champion and is an elongated version of a cozy pullover. We love it!

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