Denim jacket with Ties by Bershka

Denim jacket by Bershka

A twist on a classic by Bershka

The first denim jacket was created around 1905 and was actually a work shirt called “Levi’s Blouse”. It was a creation of Levi Strauss, Levi’s creator, to be an outerwear garment to match work trousers. Now, Bershka is taking a twist on a classic.

Since then, the denim jacket has been widely popular.  First, we associated it with cowboys – they wore denim because of its durability – then to juvenile delinquency.

Denim jacket by Bershka

The denim jacket remains super popular, with celebrities wearing it with basically everywhere and designers redesigning it in different ways and colorways. Although the classic denim jacket will always be a classic, we love to see new versions of this iconic piece.

That is what we loved about this denim jacket by spanish retailer Bershka. This denim jacket features a satin ribbon woven along the back and sleeves of the jacket is simply gorgeous.

Denim jacket by Bershka

This is a super fun way to use denim with a more modern twist. Bershka is a retailer and part of the Spanish Inditex group. It now has over 1000 stores in 71 countries around the world.

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