Dime Cabinet by Splinter Works

Dime Cabinet by Splinter Works

Dime Cabinet: a twist of illusion and intrigue

The Dime Cabinet is a furniture masterpiece. There, we have said it. Designed by Splinter Woks, this cabinet resembles a spining coin and has got us dreaming about getting our own bar at home.

With curved panels of wood veneer, the Dime opens up to reveal a bar inside, with space to hold bottles of wine or liquor, as well as shelves.

Dime Cabinet by Splinter Works

The segmented doors give it a repetition form when closed, and fully open to reveal a beautiful interior design. The Dime is made of American Walnut, with a rich yet soft texture.


The playful form and different open-and-close options, allow the user to hide or reveal the interior, depending on how much you want to show.


We believe that this piece of furniture fits various contexts, whether it is a modern living room or a more traditional one. A truly beautiful and original design.

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