DIY STAR Christmas tree topper


How to make a Christmas tree topper at home

Christmas is a time when budgets are stretched so as to buy gifts, fill the candy table and decorate the house. Creating a Christmas environment at home may seem like an easy task but it can be costly.

Today we show you how to create a Christmas tree topper with an expensive look, only using dollar store products. Youtuber superholly makes videos about everything, and just like every other youtube, is posting some content about Christmas decorations.

The one we found most interesting is this Christmas Tree topper made from paper and glitter basically. Using only glue and scissors, the star came out looking very expensive and professionally made.

The best thing about this Christmas topper is that it is super easy to make – you don’t need to be a DIY pro – and you probably have most of the materials required in your basement.

Superholly also teaches how to make a tree skirt, especially for those you are not willing to pay 40 dollars for a piece of fabric that only comes out of the box once a year. This tutorial is proof that we can have a beautiful Christmas tree with an expensive look. All just by using dollar store items.

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