Duffy Jackets by Pato Rico


The feathered jacket is back

For long years, the feathered jacket was very popular amongst all generations, from youngsters to the older fashionistas. Everyone had one, as they are super polyvalent: you can wear them when it rains, when it is cold, for the snow or even for a walk in the park. 

Then, all of the sudden, they disappeared. The piece that marked a generation no longer was seen in the streets. But like everything in fashion, they are back and stronger than ever.


Duffy’s feathered jackets are one of the versions of the popular piece of clothing. Pato Rico is the brand behind the design: they decided to bring back the Duffy, as it was an old desire to launch the iconic piece again.

Today, the jacket has a more contemporary design and high-quality materials. “Everyone called me crazy. They told me that Portugal had a very hot climate and would never succeed, “ the creator of the brand recalls.


Now that the Duffy are back, they can be found at the Pato Rico store in Lisbon, or on the brand’s website, where customers can customize their coats, choosing not only the model and size but also the combination of Colors.

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