Earth table by RIVA 1920


A very exclusive piece of furniture

Furniture brand Riva 1920 got its name from being born in Italy in 1920, from a small family-run artisan workshop. Today, Riva 1920 is a world-acclaimed furniture maker that works with more than a hundred designers worldwide.

Recently they created a table so unique it got us wishing it was in our living room – although we probably could never afford it. This beautiful piece of furniture is called Earth Table.


The Earth table is made out of resin, and a very rare type of New Zealand’s wood called millenary Kauri. The wood comes from ancient Kauri trees and is 50 000 years old. But besides these cool characteristics, the table looks kind of cool anyway.

The table top is made of resin, with the wooden parts metaphorically representing the continents. The contrast between the wood and the transparency creates a beautiful contrast.


The base of the base features dark iron that symbolizes the construction of new buildings after the 911 terrorist attacks. Besides all the symbolic aspects, the design of the table is unique and beautiful.

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