Eastpak’s Rose Gold Packs are everything you were waiting for

Our childhood backpacks are back in a shiny version

I can remember it clearly: being 10 or 11 years old and asking my parents for my first eastpak backpack. Everyone in school had one and it was the hottest item in accessories at the time.

This was the first time a brand could really catch my eye, long before my love for adidas and Nike. I wanted an Eastpak so badly but they were quite expensive so my mother said that I could only have one when I grew up to be responsible for my belongings.

Years passed, I never had my eastpak backpack and I started working and earning my money. I developed a serious love for fashion throughout the years and found myself again in the brand’s website.

It was then that I discovered Eastpak’s new line in Rose Gold and Dark Silver. The line consists of the Spring bumbag and Padded Pak’r, which are basically a fannypack and a shiny rose gold and “Dark Silver” backpack.

The bumbag fits around the waist, with a secure front and back compartment to carry your daily objects. The backpack is mid-sized and ideal for your day to day life, to the expanded inner space and comfortable padded straps.

The Eastpak icon is right in front of the backpack and the rose Gold shiny material reflects the light, which makes it perfect for sunny days or a quiet night in the city. I am so happy with my new Eastpak and finally achieved my childhood dream. If you are looking for a new practical and fashionable pack, I would highly recommend this one.

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