Eclipse Universal Charger by Native Union

Eclipse Universal Charger by Native Union

The product that promises to make our life easier

Native Union accustomed us with their excellent and creative products that make our lives easier, one gadget at a time. This time, they came up with an accessory that will revolutionize the way we deal with mobile cables.

After a year of prototyping, Native Union launched a campaign in Kickstarter for Eclipse Universal Charger. They already surpassed the goal of 50,000 dollars, with 301,192 dollars raised to make this product come to life.

Eclipse Universal Charger by Native Unionl

The quantity of devices we own nowadays makes our houses a cable mess. Detangling cables has become part of our everyday lives, and besides being nonfunctional, the mess is not beautiful.

Eclipse Universal Charger is a circular item that winds up to 24 feet of cables inside, with a pop-up lid that hides them when they aren’t being used. Since your cables are secure in Eclipse, you won’t trip on them. Eclipse comes with a braided power cord that extends your cables by an extra 4 feet.

Eclipse Universal Charger by Native Union

Eclipse features a 7.8 Amp charger that ensures that even if the three charging ports are occupied, the devices charge at maximum power. Design-wise, this accessory is pleasant to the eye, so it can stand in your nightstand, coffee table ou even mounted on the wall. ECLIPSE is available with Type A/B, Type C/E/F/J/L or Type G electrical plugs.

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