El Ganso collection by Hawkers


Welcome to the politically incorrect

Hawkers is known for being the best-selling eyewear brand. The Spanish brand founded in 2013 focused solely on the online market, launched a new collection. Last March, they launched a collection of four pairs of glasses in partnership with El Ganso.

El Ganso was founded in 2004 and has 159 sales outlets in 10 countries, including France, Portugal, Belgium, England, Chile, Mexico, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. However, this is El Ganso’s first venture in the eyewear market.


First, the unlikely collaboration Ganso comes from a combination of distinct DNAs that share a passion for fashion. In addition,Francisco Perez, co-founder and CEO of Hawkers, stressed that “Hawkers offers El Ganso freshness, irreverence and involves it in this digital revolution that characterizes us.”

This is an exclusive italian collection. Itmaterializes a strategic alliance between the two brands that are revolutionizing the sunglasses industry and luxury. The collection features four models. Most noteworthy, they feature a cellulose acetate frame and Essilor lenses, as well as the El Ganso brand image, the iconic red, blue and white flag.


The four glasses are available online. Finally, they go by the names of “Bicarey”, “Hybrid Blue Havana”, “Blue Spotted” and “Tortoise”. We can’t wait to grab a pair, these are perfect for summer time!

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