Empire Chandelier by Luxxu


A luxurious experience of lighting

Luxxu is a Portuguese brand targeted to a luxury market. The brand defines itself as a new lighting experience capable of making their customers’ dreams come true, combining the classic with the modern.

The materials used by Luxxu are top-notch, with brass, glass and Swarovski crystals and with many old manufacturing techniques combined with modern design. Luxxu’s products are not for those who like minimalist design: a lamp by this brand easily becomes the centerpiece of a room.

The piece chosen by us today is our favorite of the entire collection: the Empire Chandelier. According to the brand, this piece was inspired by the Empire State building – it’s easy to see why. Some aspects of the amazing architecture of the Empire State Building are present in this lamp.


The Empire Chandelier is a masterpiece created for an extravagant and luxurious environment and clearly targeted at customers with some economic power and exquisite taste. Do not expect to see this piece in your neighbor’s dining room.

One thing is sure: any room in which this product is incorporated automatically gains an element of refinement and sophistication, conveying an idea of modernity combined with Portuguese good taste.

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