The famous blue ikea bag will change forever

ikea bag

Ikea is changing its iconic giant blue bag

Ever since Ikea became our favorite decor store we got accustomed to the look of the huge blue bag. We usually bring them filled with items.

Over time these bags gained new uses and became the official bags of grocery shopping, changes and large volume transportation. However, ikea has revealed that the look of the traditional blue bags is about to change.

ikea bag

Ikea just announced a partnership with Colette that means that the 99-cent, 19-gallon polypropylene bag is changing forever. The new Ikea bag features the french retailer’s signature blue dots on one side and polka dots on the other.

For now, the bags are only available at Colette’s Paris store, where Ikea has a pop-up store. At this store you can find a lot of limited-edition prints and products and a new Ikea “water bar” where there are over 100 different types of water.

ikea bag

If you are not Paris-based then the good news is that you will have to wait a little bit before the new bags arrive. The new Ikea x Colette bags will be in Ikea stores in 2018.

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